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>> do you like eggs? >> doesn't everybody. >> the scrambled eggs and
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people fgather on the first day of swing and restaurants compete who can make the biggest portion and a record to the team cooked 1500 eggs in one gigantic pan. >> why? >> they're a symbol of a new beginning for spring. >> looks pretty good. >> thanks for joining us. >> "america live" starts right now. >> megyn: fox news alert just 48 hours after an assassination style hit on a high ranking state official in colorado, investigators are looking into whether a powerful saudi arabian family is in in way tied to the murder. tom clements was director of colorado department of corrections. as the manhunt for his killer began, who could have carried this out. welcome, i'm megyn kelly. investigators working on several theories today as they
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clements murder, but one leading theory involved this man here, he is a saudi national serving time in colorado for sexually assaulting a housekeeper and holding her as a virtual slave for years. the saudis wanted him to serve his sentence back home and that's what he wanted as well. tom clement said no, a little more than a week ago. seven days later someone knocked on the door of clements' home and shot him dead when he answered. clauda cowan is live in denver with more. clauda? >> reporter: well, megyn, investigators seem to have few clues in this case and still no suspect or motive and not ruling out it might have been a random shooting. given tom clements' position they're taking a look the at people who might have held a grudge and convicted in 2006 he's serving eight years to life for unlawful sexual misconduct and extortion. and a week ago, clements denied his request for a
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prison transfer. he's from an influential saudi family fighting in colorado and officials would only say this about the possible link. >> i can tell you we're aware of that information. as you know, from the start of this investigation when it began last night, because of the fact that mr. clements served in the position that he did, as the executive director of colorado's department of corrections, we're sensitive to the fact that there could be any number of people who may have a motive for wanting to target him for a crime such as this. >> reporter: even so, key place in the prosecution are getting extra security, including the attorney general who investigated him for selling recordings by islamic terror groups and the fbi also now on the case. investigators are trying it track down a woman who was seen speed walking near clements' home at the time of the shooting and may have seen a suspicious car, a late model
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lincoln or cadillac near the home with the engine running and no one inside and spotted driving away minutes later. investigators not talking publicly today, saying only at that they will have another news conference if there are major developments in the case. megyn. >> megyn: wow, claudiclaudia, t you. and we'll look at other, including the saudi connected. when he was convicted it was so politically charged the attorney general had to travel to saudi arabia and meet with both the king and the family of this convicted man. so, we will explore this in greater depth in just a bit here. president obama criticizing israel over its treatment of palestinians who live in the west bank, saying they should recognize palestinians' right to self-determination and justice. here is video of president obama arriving in the west bank earlier today, where he met with palestinian leaders.
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and meanwhile, the president was in israel and two rockets fired from gaza striking the southern's parts. it did not cause much damage and no deaths reported and believed the rockets may have been a show of protest. coming up right here on "america live," colonel of ralph peters will share his thoughts on what he says is the bigger story of what president obama may not have said yesterday about israel. and he is apparently on the same page as charles krauthammer was last night. neither of these men huge fans of president obama when it comes to his policy on israel, but both men heard something new yesterday, something you haven't heard a lot about in the headlines and ralph will be here to explain in just a bit. we also have new developments in the search for truth about benghazi. south carolina senator lindsey graham is today saying he will meet with white house -- i should say with house
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republican leaders and ask them to subpoena the survivors of last year's attack that killed four americans in benghazi, including our ambassador to libya. he's asking the house to do it because the republican majority has the power to subpoena. senate democrats do not. the democrats control the senate. some say that the obama administration has blocked them from speaking to the survivors and saying they're stop that from happening and that the white house has something to hide. we'll continue to follow it. meantime, there is a buzz in washington over reports that america's former top diplomate may have been hacked. a hacker who calls himself guchifier, and identified himself as a former white house aide and may have obtained memos sent to former
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secretary of state. and the same hacker may have hacked the bush family and colin powell's facebook page and now set his sights on the former secretary of state. chris stirewalt, host of power play >> megyn: this hacker appears to have hacked, it's not the good kind of gucci. >> no, no, the bad goochically. >> megyn: he managed to hack a person very connected to the clintons and apparently obtained about four memos between blumenthal and mrs. clinton in the days immediately after september 11th, 2012 when she was being informed about what happened in benghazi. this was an interesting question for the media because the memos, you know, the hacked memos contained correspondence about a subject that is news worthy, that has
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been covered by most organizations, some more than others, but most organizations and yet, when obtained by a hacker illegally, what did the media do with such correspondence? >> validate is what they do, the base rules of journalism would say, something ill-gotten, if it's consequence people are less likely to use it. the bush e-mails that included self-portraits by the former president, and sensitive family descriptions of his father's condition when he was in the hospital, those things made it out pretty quickly. this, being consequential, ironically, hasn't made it out into establishment press outlets. it's not out there now because it could be a matter of real significance. it's not just teasing the bush family, it's about something that there are issues. and we're talking a lot of
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unanswered questions in regards to that benghazi attack. and what journalists who strive to be responsible are doing, is waiting, watching to see if it gets out because they would sure love to have this stuff. >> megyn: i'm told it's goo goosefer. i'm going with the other pronunciation. see how respectful we are? please don't hack us. they're wondering if there are more and for media who loves to find behind the scenes correspondent and the real story for politicians who don't want to tell us everything, this proves a strong temptation and what a temptation if we run around using the fruits of the
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ill-gotten gains. >> exactly, that's the phrase that came to mind for me, too. so the question is this, at what point -- the bush family eventually once had it gone everywhere and all over the internet the bush family eventually obliged and said, yes, this is real. they never specifically confirmed the content, but they let everybody know that yes, this is probably the real thing. the pressure grows on the state department and on secretary clinton to respond. it may not be, as you said, the smoking gun, certainly if these e-mails were true would go to the secretary's state of mind and what she really thought in this back and forth with one of the most trusted advisors to her family's political operation, what she was thinking about at the time that this was going down. that could be very significant, testing the credibility of the administration's claims about benghazi. >> megyn: you know, on another front, okay, so most of these
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accounts that the hacker goes after are aol e-mail accounts i'm told, but it does beg the question whether correspondence should be taking place off line and in a way that, you know, is compromised. we talked about this during the general petraeus controversy and e-mailing through an account that's not secure and now we know he was doing that, but it compromises our officials if not only they are not on a secure line, but a person they're corresponding with is not on a secure line. here is something where they were sort of back and forth about benghazi, but what if it were something, you know, that present day was a matter of life and death? >> well, the growing understanding is the hacking movement gets bigger and bigger and faster and faster and wikileaks was sort of the break-through moment, but now it's picking up speed, is that nothing is secret. if you write it in an e-mail unless it's in a department of defense encrypted e-mail,
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nothing is really secure. but these cut-out accounts that public officials in washington have gotten in trouble for using before, that their friends use when they correspond with them, there are a lot of people as whoever is out there doing the stuff, a lot of people their collars may be feeling tighter today for what they have floater around out there in cyberspace. >> megyn: guccifier, i love it. >> i think it sounds bet sneer did you live in the suburbs, not if the government has its way. a government report suggests there may be a plan to change where and how people are living in america. hope you like manhattan. i hope you like the city. and a dramatic twist as the
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cash-strapped island of cyprus is now talking about nationalizing its country's pensions to save the struggling economy there. so he they couldn't seize the bank accounts, it's under consideration, now they're going to seize your pension. and we'll see how private money keeps coming up to attempts to head off disaster and are people too quick to dismiss the notion this could happen in the united states? growing anger for veterans after this memorial that celebrates the deaths of american troops in vietnam. this is put up by the enemy, appears in a popular reality show in a way that is very celebratory. apparently they feel, the news organization apparently on the wrong side of this fight. bob beckel was one of those who is upset by the decision to use this as a prop in a television show and he will join us live to explain why he and many others think this network went way over the
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line. >> i am so outraged by this, cbs is idiotic, stupid and don't blame it on young producers, it had to go through somebody at the executive branch of cbs and cbs can't do better than that to have people go to a memorial where americans died then you ought to get off the network. [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is theursuit of perfection.
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>> newly elected pope francis already making an impression as a kind and gentle man, but his personal charm apparently may not translate as well over the phone. reports today that he recently dialed out of the vatican himself instead of using a personal secretary to place the call, heaven forbid. we're told this is a major papal faux pas. the receptionist on the other side thought it was a prank, the receptionist, a man, reported oh, yeah, and i'm napoleon. and the ever-patient pontiff
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convinced the man it's the pope calling, saying i really am pope francis, do not worry. needless to say the call eventually got patched through. that's fantastic. i like this pope. well, there is a dramatic twist in a financial crisis unfolding in europe today as we learn that struggling island nation of cyprus is now considering nationalizing the citizen's pensions. people, oh, they're not happy about it, what a shock. here is video of hundreds of protesters outside of the parliament building at the capital. the european central bank has given cyprus four days to give a new plan to raise some dough or it says its emergency aid for the banks in cyprus is going to be cut off. and that's bad for the cypriots. and host of lou dobbs tonight, the european union. ecb, european central bank,
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has cyprus over a barrel, you comes up with these dollars, call them dollars, or we are going to yank your money out and you're going to collapse. >> the idea is the cypriots have nor contr have more control, you owe your bank 100 million dollars you're in control of the the bank. and we've got a bit of that going on here. >> megyn: the reason they're now talking about nationalizing pension funds that are sitting in the banks because people got so ticked off when the first plan was we're going to seize 10% of your deposits. we really need it. everybody said that's stealing and by the way, we're told that plan is technically still on the table if you talk to the european bank officials. that's still being discussed, but moving more towards maybe we'll nationalize people's pensions. >> let me guarantee a couple of things, to keep it clear for everybody. when we use the word
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nationalize, use the word confiscate, that's what it is. >> megyn: steal. >> this means the cypriots of learning from the europeans who today confiscate 3 billion dollars they were going to take from the russian depositors, he they comprise about a third in the cypriot banking system. and they're with cyprus and the european union to confiscate. and this has immense, immense jeopardy for the european banking system because if this goes on from here, you're going to see depositors say the hell with you, you're not taking my money and i'm withdrawing it. >> megyn: that's a concern. >> absolutely. >> megyn: if you have money in a bank in portugal or in spain or in france right now and you see this happen, what kind of confidence will you have that the same thing isn't going to happen to your money or your pension that you have there? >> if you have any intelligence at all, the only way to perceive this is to be
10:22 am
frightened of both a judgment of the european union, the european commission, the european central bank and oh, yes, the international monetary fund had to get itself involved in this. you've got to be desperately concerned. what has to happen now, everyone start talking straight. what is happening in cyprus, they keep referring to the hot money, the so-called "hot money" held by principally the russians. >> megyn: people laundering money over there. let's be clear, the european union is concerned about cyprus because it has not hot money, but dirty money and there is so much money laundering going on. >> megyn: they don't care that much about cyprus, but care how it's going to affect the european union, whether it sets a precedent and this threatens a run on the banks across europe leading to potential catastrophe for the
10:23 am
global economy. >> no, i disagree respectfully with the wall street journal. this is not a threat to the global economy. this is a threat to a european power structure and financial structure that has resist you had cleaning up its house. thought it had the power and the leverage to just overwhelm the 1.1 million people in cyprus and tell them how they're going to live. the cypriots to their credit told them "stick it." this is a problem and we have to fix it and we understand it's a relationship with russia that's making it difficult with the europeans. and cyprus, you've got a whole new issue for the europeans. >> megyn: the european central bank has kept cyprus operating with a liquidity lifeline. either you come up with the billions in the next couple of days or we're yanking our liquidity lifeline. i've got to go. >> the russians can take care of this in one minute.
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>> megyn: they know a guy, they know a guy. a heart warming act of kindness with a new spin on our troops. how one veteran made a difference for a soldier and his girlfriend. and the story all week. and grandma accused of killing her grandson? what did the jury rule. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen.
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>> the
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>> a prank staged for youtube is getting attention today because the prankster got thrown in jail. watch in. a teenager doing a flip over the heads of two police officers on a park bench. the cops apparently didn't think it was funny once they discovered that he filmed it.
10:28 am
>> i just filmed that? put your hands behind your back. >> megyn: oh, really? the 18-year-old was handcuffed and spent the night in jail and the video nearly 3 million hits on youtube. sometimes you have no idea how a simple small act of kindness can lead to bigger things. and this may be one of those times. it all began when a generous stranger and military vet reached out to this woman, the girlfriend of an american soldier now serving our country in afghanistan. listen to the story. trace gallagher has got it, trace. >> reporter: don't cry, megyn. >> megyn: you know me well. >> reporter: yeah, the soldier's name is albert d simone, stationed at fort
10:29 am
stuart georgia and deployed to afghanistan. his girlfriend and her two kids live outside of boston and has a bumper sticker on the car says "half of my heart is in afghanistan." she came out of dunkin' donuts and there was a note on her windshield along with $40 and a note that read, i'm quoting here "i noticed the sticker on the back of your car. take your hero out to dinner when he comes home and thank you both for serving, him deployed and you for waiting, signed united states veteran god bless." . here is samantha. >> my eyes started tearing up and it was, it was overwhelming. i don't think the military gets enough recognition as it is, but just knowing that is somebody recognized like i'm going through it. >> reporter: yeah, really and she immediately snapped a picture of that note and posted it on facebook, it's a page our deployment 101. an online support group for
10:30 am
military families and her post listen to this, has now gotten 2 million likes, 200,000 shares and 50,000 comments. and the night she got the note, she spoke to her boyfriend in afghanistan, and she said, he was absolutely touched. listen. >> these are the things that make him proud to be a soldier. i mean, it makes him feel like he's not over there for nothing. i don't think there are the right words to say how much we appreciate it and how thankful we are and how blessed we are to have received something like this. >> reporter: that $40 is being put away until he comes home. she will take him to dinner. she says she would love to know who left that note and likely, megyn that she never will. >> megyn: i love it. i love it. makes me want to run out and do the same thing and look for the bumper stickers and looking for vets and their spouses who are less easily to identify, but we've got to try. >> reporter: exactly right,
10:31 am
yeah, great stuff. >> megyn: got to pay forward. trace, thanks. it's been three years to the day since barack obama signed the health care law and only a few months until it fully takes effect. today we'll look at claims that big parts of the system will not be ready when that day comes and what does that mean for you? and kelly's court takes up the case of a single mom fired on charges of gross misconduct for selling girl scout cookies at work, have you ever done this for your kid? think again. plus, outrage is growing after a reality tv show uses a painful memory in vietnam as a set piece in their show. oh, how they appear to celebrate this downed b-52. our own bob beckel was one of those most upset. he joins us to explain why he's so mad and why he thinks this is so disrespectful and why he's not buying the network's excuse. >> i'm so outraged by this i can't believe it.
10:32 am
cbs is idiotic, stupid, the idea they would-- don't blame it on young producers, if cbs can't do better than that, half the people go to a memorial where americans die, you ought to get off the network and take that show and shove it.
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>> growing anger today from some veterans groups over what critics perceive is a deeply anti-american moment on reality tv.
10:36 am
it happened in the cbs show amazing race. this is a global competition in which the contestants race around the world and one recent stop took them to the heart of communist vietnam where they visited a so-called b-52 memorial. it's actually the wreckage of an american b-52 bomber that was shot down over hanoi in december of 1972. of the six crew members aboard that plane we believe four bailed out and became p.o.w.'s, the other two were listed as mia and presumed killed. a plaque on site celebrates the american empire being destroyed and that crash was part of the operation linebacker two as it was known. a total of 93 airmen killed, captured or reported missing. and those who were captured were regularly paraded on television. but on the show, you can see the amazing racers trying to beat each other to the crash site.
10:37 am
right next to that plaque for the next clue. >> they must now make their way to the b-52 memorial, the site of a wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down during the vietnam war and where to find the next clue. >> here? wait, wait, wait, over here. >> and this is a double u-turn. >> megyn: joining me now co-host of "the five" bob beckel. you talked about it on the show and you were anger over cbs's decision to do this. >> more anger, i'm outraged and still outraged. and it not only, was it a poor choice, it was anti-american. i mean, you don't-- i was against the war in vietnam, but i wasn't for ho chi minh. i was against the idea of americans involved because i didn't believe there would be a domino effect. but for somebody at cbs was
10:38 am
old enough to have been around during the vietnam war. the idea they would put something like that on and to go to a memorial where americans died why didn't they stop at the hanoi hilton where they put everybody in prison. someone owes 800,000 plus americans an apology and ought to get on the air and say it in prime time or apologize for it or ought to get out of the business of doing stuff. >> megyn: and the disrespect and demeaning of the memories of those four p.o.w.'s and the two mia soldiers airmen, on board that b-52. by the w by the way, this turned out to be a major point, after that the vietnam contacted d.c. to continue the peace talks. the men went down with a fight and the memory of what -- of that b-52 bomber sitting them in the lake and some celebrate over there, but not normally americans, not normally americans dancing around it looking for the next clue. >> now, even the kids who are
10:39 am
the runners and the rest of that stuff, maybe they have no institutional memory of it, but somebody at cbs, the director had to have memory of it. and certainly, the execs at the cbs did. i used to work for cbs, i would never have imagined that cbs would have done something like that. cbs owes an apology flat and simple, whatever i can do from my little perch ofive", i'll begin what i said it's anti-american and cbs by airing that was anti-american. >> megyn: i don't know, bob, i think you may be too, too kind on the younger folks at the network because i was a baby when this happened, but you hear a story about vietnam, you hear a story about a memorial and certainly if i were going to produce a show about it, i would consult mr. google. and look at engaging in a fun contest and participate in good faith. isn't this a responsibility
10:40 am
among the young and older folks at a network, saying we all make mistakes, but especially you know there's been a conflict in vietnam to research the history. >> that's right, and assuming they're educated, assume they had some education on the vietnam war. how do you miss it? and a b-52 bomber is in a park with a plaque on it. i mean, you have to be an idiot to miss that and so, i'll then say about the young producers they may not have lived during vietnam, but idiotic to have done something like that. >> megyn: the plaque on site talks how the american empire was destroyed and it's unambiguous once you get the translation, i assume, what exactly this stands for and why it was memorialized in the way it is, the wreckage on site. i want to ask you about the overall show, bob, because it wasn't like this is a singular incident in the amazing race episode where they went to vietnam. there was another instance they made the contestants memorize the lyrics to a
10:41 am
patriotic vietnamese song and pro communist song and here is some of that, stand by. >> this requires them to watch the performance of a patriotic vietnamese song and they'll reveal the words of a celebrated quote. ♪ >> like one direction. >> . >> what is the point of that. >> and let's keep in mind, this is not a new song. this is a song back during the vietnam war, it was something to rally the vietnamese people against the united states and the idea that you would even listen to it, forget, and memorize it is-- you might as well memorize-- and the big picture of ho chi
10:42 am
mi minh, a mass murderer? why not go to the killing fields of cambodia and get some pictures there? what are they thinking? or stop at joe stalin's grave. and that's right, what are they thinking? if they don't have the sensitivity about this by now, and if they don't apologize, a pox on their house. i think that people should not be watching them. take the show off. i don't know who this guy is who does the, you know, the narration on the thing, but you know, he's not american, obviously, but it is just so, to me, and the reason i got so upset about it and i'm still upset about it today. i'm going to use it on "the five", i cannot justify being quiet while cbs says nothing. at least at the end they could have put a disclaimer on it, but they didn't even do that. and that, to me, is just outrageous. >> megyn: we'll look and see whether there have been any public comments by cbs news,
10:43 am
we have not found any so far by cbs. if they do comment we'll bring that to you. bob, thanks, see you tonight on the "the five" on fnc. don't miss it. coming up, if you don't live in a major metro area, might want to pack your bags. used to be moving to the suburbs is a sign you're making a better life for you and your family. but a government report says there may be a long-term plan to change all that for you. the effort to quote, manhattanize america next. and one school's decision to cancel a special night for honors student, raising the question whether it's politically correct to work hard and get ahead. what if you're in honors and the next student is not. and one administrator says they want to be more inclusive. >> we knew there would be pushback, what's best for children and we believe in the research and everything else, that children have altogether celebrate at a school.
10:44 am
we our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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>> well, if you live in the suburbs, don't get too comfy. our next guest says the obama administration has plans to push americans slowly, but surely from the suburbs into the big cities as a means to quote, spread the wealth around. and stanley kurtz "spreading the wealth", this isn't just based on your book, but what the obama administration do last week. >> that's right, it looks like president obama's plans to fight global warming are going to hurt american suburbs because the obama administration believes in something called smart growth. the idea of smart growth policies is, get out of your car, don't move to the suburbs, you should live in a tiny densely packed apartment building in the city where you can walk and take public transportation and don't drive.
10:48 am
that's smart growth. and the obama administration is gearing up to impose the smart growth on the country and that would be bad for america's suburbs. >> megyn: how would they do it, make us move from the suburbs to the city? most of the people who live in the suburbs like the suburbs and don't want to live in the city. how would they make us do it it? >> several plans, part is to stop people from moving to the suburbs in the first place and in the end it might get people who live in suburbs to head to the cities. last week the energy department released a series of reports that touted a new strategy for cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions. the idea to make all federal funding conditional on adherence to the smart growth principles. let's say the federal government is thinking of funding a new school or a new highway. well, if this idea goes through, the government would say, let's look at the population densely. a high population densely we'll give you federal money. if you don't you're not going to get the money and that would start challennnelling awa
10:49 am
from the suburbs and into the city. and redistributing the wealth from the suburbs into the city. >> megyn: this was an actual proposal put forward? >> well, a report came out called "transportation energy futures" and floated this, at this stage a trial balloon, i think you would say. but a similar proposal according to a news report, that the obama administration already decided on and that is that the obama administration for the first time is going to tell every agency in the federal government to consider carbon dioxide emissions before they give environmental approval to big projects. that could mean big delays, big challenges, maybe elimination of some, say, what i construction projects into the suburbs. so if you want to have that traffic congestion relieved on the suburban commute or opening up a new area for suburban development with a highway, that could be delayed and possibly even blocked by these new regulations and that again would tend channel
10:50 am
development away from the suburbs. >> megyn: and you were talking in your piece, how, yes, this focuses-- this initiative proposed focuses on greenhouse gas emissions and make the environment more green and you know, your carbon footprint he when you live in an 800 square foot apartment in manhattan is much, much smaller than if you live in a 3000 square foot home in the burbs, that's clear and could be one of the goals. you also say this is about wealth redistribution on a grand scale. how so? how does the redistribution of wealth? >> well, that's what i talk about in the book, megyn. if you go back to obama's whole political history, peel don't realize it, but he's been a big backer of a movement called regionalism. that there's something fundamentally unfair about the distance of suburbs. when people move out to suburbs, they take their tax money with them and president obama and some of the people he use today work with in his
10:51 am
political career believe that that was somehow unfair to the cities. so if you put in the smart gr growth policies and say it's about carbon dioxide and global warming, it funnels into the city and redistributing from the suburbs into the cities. and the mindset of regionalism that obama has always worked with, this is a way of redistributing money back away from the suburbs and into the city. >> megyn: and still have the same crop of people, so if you're forcing folks who live in the suburbs to eventually back into the city, or people who live in the city not to move out to the suburbs, it's still the same people. you're not going to change their political world view. you're not going to change their voting habits, necessarily? >> well, some people think it might change voting habits and it's unclear whether that would happen. but the point for these regionally is that you're stopping tax money from being taken away from the cities and put into the suburbs.
10:52 am
these regionalists think there's something fundamentally unfair about that. what they first want to do is get taxpayers back to the cities so that their money can go into the coffers of those city governments and not the suburbans governments and maybe the politics will take care of itself after that. >> megyn: you call it an effort to manhattanize america and a lot of viewers won't live that because there's a reason they've chosen not to live in manhattan, not just the lock-jam traffic and taxi cabs and rush hour, and pollution, sorry, mayor bloomberg, now what i'm talking about and they don't necessarily want iowa to look like manhattan. stanley, interesting hearing your perspective. thank you, sir. >> thank you, megyn. >> megyn: coming up, one school's decision to cancel a special night for honors students has some people asking now if it's politically incorrect to reward those who work hard. we will hear the arguments from the the school administrator who say they just wanted to be more inclusive. plus, one of the top officials in the state of colorado
10:53 am
gunned down in his home, a corrections official. and the hunt for his killer, claims that the wealthy saudi family of a convict is among those they're looking at possibly ordering the assassination. >> because of the fact that mr. clements served in the position that he did, as the executive director of colorado department i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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>> new controversy over a smalltown principal's decision to eliminate his middle school's honors night and may have some feeling left out. and now some parents are not happy. trace gallagher, where was this guy when i was in school. i didn't make honor society and looking at my friend, how did you get in?
10:57 am
>> reporter: a little too late. the reason why the parents are not happy, their kids worked very hard and should be recognized for their achievement. here is one of the parents. >> it's a tradition in ipswitch and we're proud parents going into that night and seeing your child as well as some of the other children that have made some really great efforts. >> reporter: but in an e-mail to parents, the principal explained that he's not just concerned about academic growth, but also social and emotional growth, so honors night canceled, replaced by an all inclusive assembly with the principal writing in an e-mail, quoting here, the honors night which can be a great sense of pride for recipient's families can be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class, but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade point average, economacademic success can be influenced to
10:58 am
parent at home and parents responded aren't we supposed to encourage parents to support their kids at home? here is the principal. >> we knew there would be some pushback, but what's best for children, is that the children have, we believe in the research and everything else, that the children altogether celebrate as a school. >> reporter: the principal says he firmly believes in competition and no, he's not trying to ruin the american education system. he says he's gotten e-mails, 50-50 on the subject and you wonder which 50 the honor roll parents fall into. >> megyn: i'm with the principal, i like the blaming of the parents, it wasn't my fault, if only my mother would have been there more to push my to study i would have made the honor roll. because she wasn't there, i need to be honored, too. >> reporter: e-mails. >> megyn: that's how our children are growing up. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. >> megyn: president obama putting his stamp on a decades
10:59 am
old controversy, suggesting palestinians need a home of their own as much as the israelis, and what he says is the bigger story of the president's visit to the middle east. and oh, no! single mom fired for selling girl scout cookies during office hours.
11:00 am
11:01 am
11:02 am
>> fox news alert. in the final moments for president obama on his middle east tour and yesterday's remarks. welcome to a brand new hour of "america live," i'm megyn kelly. the president went to the west bank to meet with abbas. even then rockets were fired and civilians running for cover. he believes that it's a message from hamas and a show of aggression makes it more difficult to continue the
11:03 am
peace process. our correspondent ed henry joins us live with more. >> reporter: you're right. the president delivered the speech largely an audience of israeli college students and was talking about peace, but also there about the threat of war, once again vowing he in fact could use military action and bomb iran if in fact he needed to help israel stop iran's nuclear program, prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. when i sat down today for an exclusive interview with shimon peres, he said based on private talks yesterday with president obama and as well as the public remarks he's been hearing throughout jerusalem from president obama, shimon peres believes in his words, america is no chicken and will be willing to bomb iran if necessary. take a listen. >> as president, i've said all options are on the table for
11:04 am
achieving our objectives. america will do what we must to prevent a nuclear armed iran. >> america is really looking -- but if somebody threatens, america is not a chicken. >> reporter: now, earlier in the day, the president went over the-- the american president went over to the palestinian territory. he was in the west bank sitting down with the palestinian president abbas again, trying to talk about peace and as you noted the president woke up for his second day in jerusalem to news that four rockets, according to israeli police have rained down on southern israel, from gaza, alleged from hamas. president peres told me he believes it's a message hamas was trying to send with the american president here and on top of that, when you think about the threat to israel from the palestinians that i mentioned there, on top of the threat, potentially from iran, we should note that today,
11:05 am
iran's supreme leader literally said that if israel bombed them first from getting nuclear weapons, they would retaliate and they'd wipe out two israeli cities, haifa and tel aviv and that gives you an idea of the stakes while the president is here in the region. >> megyn: it's been fascinating to watch the president in action. talking to both sides over there and getting, getting pretty good reviews even from his critics back here at home. as you have been there, and since you have been tweeting pictures of your trip over there including one over a controversy over a tree. >> when i sat down with press peres, one of the things it his staff was interested in, shooting down the idea yet when president obama planted a tree in the garden there where we were today, president peres' official, basically rumor started on the internet that the agriculture department here in israel said
11:06 am
it needed to be uprooted and it had been taken out and it was exploding on the internet it was a snub on orthoside, america and israelis going at it. it's one thing they wanted to shoot down. another thing is noting when you look at the pictures of the israeli president's residence, so heavily guarded next to a quiet neighborhood. one of the balconies in fact had a sign that said, yes, you can. it's something we've seen all around jerusalem, basically some israelis saying, to president obama, using his 2008 campaign theme, yes, we can, to say you should release jonathan pollard, the israeli put in jail for spying and when we went to the western wall today, really remarkable because you see for one thing the oldest synagogue in the world is right near the western wall. something that had been-- a synagogue that had been-- >> and with respect to the
11:07 am
western wall, what is the business about beyonce. >> after that we went on and we were in a place called holy bagels, can't quite make that up. called holy bagels, a bagel shop near the western wall and they were may go beyonce, and i kid you not, and heard the lyrics, "the to the left, to the left", a travel log i thought you'd like. >> megyn: thank you for that, ed. maybe we'll see at that in person sometime. thank you. (laughter) yesterday we can't get a chance to say goodbye on the show because the president was holding that joint presser with the israeli prime minister. and we had at the end of that colonel ralph peters. we wanted to get his take on this. the author of "hell or richmond", the reason we
11:08 am
brought you back, i thought the headline was interesting and paired up with what we heard from our fox contributor charles krauthammer, and the president, and as you lisped to the israeli prime minister. let's tee it up with what the israeli prime minister said first. >> that is why i know that you appreciate that israel can never cede the right to defend ourselves to others, even to the greatest of our friends. and israel has no better friend than the united states of america. >> megyn: and in that and the other remarks, you heard what? >> what i heard was that clearly president obama and prime minister netanyahu have reached an agreement, however grudging it may be, it seems solid that the united states will not block an israeli strike on iran. and it led, for me led to the question of have we given them the latest bunker buster
11:09 am
technology they would need to severely degrade or damage the nuclear program. and it wasn't just that one remark. from the president of the united states and from the prime minister of israel heard repeated remarks about israel's right to defend itself. israel's right to act alone. the united states would not stand in their way, but of course, reinforcing the idea that the united states would act militarily if necessary, but the interesting point how, i think president obama made it, how perceptions can be different, israel can perceive a threaten more quickly, as an ext threat than we do and that the government netanyahu. >> this is what krauthammer was saying on special report. and sound bites.
11:10 am
i think that bb kept repeating that to say that the president of the united states has given me the green light to attack if i think i have to. if i think time is running out. and he said that for an israeli is extremely precious. do you believe that's what happened between the two leaders yesterday, that president obama turned and netanyahu said, if you need to do it, do it we won't stand in your way and we may even help, i guess behind the scenes, is that the messaging? >> i think it was probably agreed in advance because that's not a spur of the moment kind of deal, but i think what obama was saying, boy, we don't want this to happen, but if you could feel compelled to do so, do it. and there are so many layers to the middle east, first of all, they were sending a message to iran. 'cause i think that iran perceives the united states as weak under president obama and wouldn't attack, but sending a message that israel is off the leash. israel is a wild card and the iranians do fear the israelis. again, a lot of layers and
11:11 am
remember nthis part of the world people don't say things publicly. i'm convinced for one, that the saudis are so terrified of iran that they would facilitate as would others, an isra israeli air strike. it was meant as a milestone ab to put the fear of god into the iranians. >> megyn: what does it mean for us? when netanyahu went before the u.n. and held up that bomb and drew a red line. what he's saying in this clip, we could reach the point of no return in iran, with its nuclear efforts by spring or summer of 2013. 2013, we're there, ralph, we're this. we're in the spring of 2013. so if we really have given him the green light and he does believe the point of no return is likely spring or summer of 2013, what does the horizon hold? >> well, nothing good. now, prime minister netanyahu was talking how it might take iran out to a year to develop
11:12 am
a bomb. so the time line shall the goal postses are shifting on this one, but nonetheless i stick by my longstanding view that for israel to do it alone is a mistake. if this absolutely must be done, and i would regret it, but if it must be be done, it's better for the united states to hit iran, only we have the power not only smash the iranian nuclear program in itself, but to prevent iran's retaliation, to do that you have to take out air defense, intelligence, revolutionary guard. with all the rhetoric about destroying tel aviv and haifa which they can't do do, any attack would be asymmetrical, and hit the straits of hormuz and drive up the price of oil and create a worldwide crisis, and i think the signal we got
11:13 am
is israel is looking hard at hitting iran. >> megyn: ralph peters, thank you so much. >> thank you, megyn. >> megyn: up next, a manhunt for a killer in california taking a new and disturbing turn. a prominent state corrections official shot dead in his own home and now investigators are looking into the theory that this man's wealthy saudi connections may have ordered the assassination as revenge for our refusal to transfer him back to saudi arabia. that story after the break. plus, a hearing was scheduled to begin ten minutes ago for the former nasa contractor suspected of spying for china. what he was expected to steal. and selling girl scout cookies, take it to the office, would you like to buy the do-si-do's?
11:14 am
fired. >> and i can't sell the cookies, aneas supporter of the girl scouts and help my daughter earn her badges for trips and stuff like that. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> fox news alert. we're getting live pictures as president obama joins the israeli president peres for an official state dinner. and you can see it happening there. mr. obama will be presented with the medal of distinction and he will make some brief remarks. this will be streaming live for you on if you care to listen in. well, the hunt for a killer in colorado sparking concern well beyond that state's borders. with claims that a powerful saudi family may possibly have been involved in this assassination of a high ranking state official. tom clements was the executive director of the colorado department of corrections. and seven day before he was
11:18 am
gunned down at his home, keep in mind he has a wife and two children, he refused to allow this man, a saudi national to serve out the remainder of the colorado prison sentence in saudi arabia. he was convicted in 2006, this man was for sexually assaulting his housekeeper and they said holder her a virtual prisoner. his conviction angered the saudies, so much so that our state department even sent the colorado attorney general at the time to meet with the king of saudi arabia and with this man's family, al-turki is his last name. and joining me now is kirk mitchell, a reporter at denver post and joins us by phone to give us an update on this. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> megyn: what do we know about this saudi connection? >> in terms of the official investigation, authorities haven't confirmed with us that he is -- what happened in his case has any effect on this investigation. on the other hand, a sergeant
11:19 am
with the sheriff's office told me this morning that they haven't ruled anything out either, so it appears they're still looking at any possible connection. >> megyn: and obviously this is not the only, you know, convicted man in the colorado prison system, and this is not the only person. he's still in prison, but he's got connections on the outside. there could be any number of suspects given the job that mr. clements had, but is there a reason other than the fact that seven days ago clements denied this guy's prison transfer that they are looking at this particular prisoner? >> you know, authorities have not even commented on, you know, this particular connection. they did not confirm, there have been some media reports that authority have said that they're looking at this closely. so i couldn't tell you what other connection there might
11:20 am
be. >> megyn: and have they shared any leads at all so far in this, kirk? i'm sure they've got as many bodies on this they can get, given the sensitivity of this man's job and the sensitivity of other officials in colorado whose job it is to protect and keep colorado safe? >> so far the biggest clue they have is a link to a car that was seen by people in the neighborhood within 15 minutes of the shooting and it's described as a large, boxy car, that might be a cadillac or a lincoln. authorities would very much like to find this particular car, they're looking at videotape in stores, in monuments to see if any of them captured, you know, this particular car. and hoping that it might lead to a suspect. >> megyn: kirk, thank you so much. we will continue to follow it. for now we want to bring in christoph christopher, a terrorism expert and director of insight
11:21 am
security. thank you for being here christopher. >> thank you. >> megyn: how do they begin? how do they start? >> the hardest part about an investigation like this is managing the massive amount of information that's going to come in early on and what the investigators are doing here is they're getting offers from a lot-- help from a lot of agencies and setting up a structure to manage this case. over the first few days is the hardest part for them. he so he can organize the information as it comes in and keep track of it. and once they get set up, as the information comes in, they will be able to get their arms around this, which is why they're not ruling out anything at this point. >> megyn: let's take the saudi connection it begin with. we don't know whether this man's family had anything to do with this whatsoever. how are they supposed to start investigating that? >> well, in this type of a homicide, this is a very upclose and personal sort of an in-your-face, sending a message type after killing. it was a form of communication from whom ever was doing it. they were trying to make a point and whether or not it's
11:22 am
directly related to the sawed y saudi family, it could have been someone sympathetic in the muslim community, and that's what they have to grapple with, the lone wolf message sender that did it on their own. >> megyn: folks were upset when he was convicted, some, including al-turki himself insisted the case was politically motivated. apparently years earlier he owned a company that sold cd's of sermons recorded by anwar al-awlaki killed in a drone strike, a leader by the united states, but known to be a terrorist. but putting that aside the danger that the law enforcement officials are in. last month a texas prosecutor was killed as he walked to a parking lot, in '08 a prosecutor was fatally shot to death in 2001. a prosecutor fatally shot in seattle, but these are not the -- listen, it doesn't happen
11:23 am
that often thank goodness, but it happens and it seems like it's happening too often. >> right, yeah, and the unfortunate part of it, it goes a little with the territory. nobody takes these jobs in order to intentionally sacrifice themselves for the job. they know it goes with the territory and it's a long shot risk, but it's one that inherently that the individuals accept. their families don't. and the hardest part families left without a father, a head of a household, or a mother in some cases. it's extremely hard on the families as well. >> megyn: they put their lives on the line to try to keep the rest of us safe. christopher voss all the best. >> thank you, megyn. >> megyn: and we'll continue that thread and the local affiliate ap the denver post reporting on the angle of the case, although nothing has been born out yet. the days in which to come shall tell. coming up, pieces of american moon landing may have been
11:24 am
recovered. in the depths of the ocean, and what nasa is says about the find. and three years to the day since president obama signed the health care bill into law and with only a few months to go, before obamacare takes effect. the word that the state exchanges that help people find a plan may not be ready. we in go in depth. on your car, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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>> the news started to break in this hour yesterday and now we have the full results of the verdict in a salary scandal in bell, california. five of the six former officials at that were on trial were found guilty yesterday of misappropriating public fund. they were convicted of taking six-figure salaries for work they never did. they said they sat on the
11:28 am
boards and doing work for the taxpayer, the prosecutor and the jury said no you didn't. the case caused outrage across the country and the town where most people live below the poverty line and paid higher taxes to support those sky high salaries for these officials who weren't doing anything. it's not yet clear what sort of penalties or sentences the five will face. and now they will proceed to try two more, the main two, including that guy rizzo who-- can't be feeling very good right now after the conviction of the five. we'll follow it. more federal court this hour, hearing for a former nasa contractor suspected of spying for china. prosecutors want him to explain what he was doing with a one-way ticket to beijing and a computer hardware he failed to mention to federal agents. and trace gallagher has the latest from the west coast news room, trace? >> reporter: the chinese national who had full access
11:29 am
to nasa's research center, those who don't know, where they do secret research and development of space defense, as well as space exploration. he was arrested at dulles airport on a one-way ticket to china. authorities say he lied about having a computer and hard drive with what they believe is sensitive information and he's suspected of going to china before with a nasa laptop. the virginia congressman wolf says he's troubled that even after nasa learned about the posing a threat, the internal e-mails showed the agency still wanted to give him access. here is a little snippet of the congressional hearing. listen. >> so, this is not a theoretical discussion. we're talking about real people and real allegations of substantive violationses some of which are currently being investigated by law enforcement authorities. >> reporter: congress and nasa have been at odds now that nasa no longer can
11:30 am
cooperate with china. one has been critical of the law and vowed to increase t security at facilities and no longer grant access from potential espionage states. chinese, iran, and some 200 chinese work at nasa facilities as contractors and some believe that the reason that china can now send astronauts into space and dock in orbit. they took the technology from us, megyn. >> megyn: all right, trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. >> megyn: it's been three years since the president signed the health care bill into law and only a few months until that law goes into full effect. now, new claims that the state marketplaces, supposed to help people find insurance, won't be ready in time and could be grossly unprepared. where does that leave us? we'll debate. a verdict we brought you earlier in kelly's court.
11:31 am
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>> well, this week marks
11:35 am
exactly three years since president obama signed his signature domestic legislation into law. the 2010 affordable care act, now commonly known as obamacare, in a few months the law will take full effect and even after three years, uncertainty remains. according to the latest fox news poll, the law's popularity has continued to drop. 30% now say they believe the law should be repealed entirely. another 25% want it repealed in part. and you can see that is an up-tick on that repeal entirely from october 2010. it's a bit of an up tick. joining me is the president and founder of the new democrat network and former campaign advisor for president clinton. and founder of american commitment and studying the health care law and marc thiessen, a fellow at american enterprise institute and columnist for "the washington post" and chief speech writer for president bush.
11:36 am
i didn't know chief, but promoting you. >> every day is a battlefield promotion, megyn. >> megyn: i know from talking to bill in prior segments he's not a huge fan of obamacare, but one of the few people who actually truly understands it and so, phil, you are an important voice on this panel, i hope i haven't m mischaracterized your feelings. and look at the law, about to go full bore, it's coming. what are the main concerns right now you have about the rollout from this point forward? >> well, look, megyn, we've already seen a lot of the major elements of this fail. the class act never got off the ground and a lot of of the major elements basically fall by the way side. i think the administration focuses on two elements of the law getting the exchanges up and running so the new middle class entitlement up to 40% of the poverty level and convince the states to do medicaid
11:37 am
advances and this is where it's going to get off the ground in particular. the exchanges supposed to be october 1st, the federal government is going to run 26 of them because states opted out and they're scrambling. they won't testify where they are in this process and if they're going to be able to make the deadline and enroll people and it looks like we're headed for a bit after train wreck when we get to the fall. i don't think they will be ready. >> megyn: the exchanges, i've been referring to those websites you would go to try to sign up for health care if you don't have it. you go on, give your age and medical history and this is the plan you might need and whether you're eligible for the federal subsidy. he so this is how you're going to have to do it or pay a fine if you don't get coverage. simon, what are the real consequences of this. if some of the exchanges are not up and running and supposed to be by october 1st so that people can be insured
11:38 am
by january, what will happen? >> well, they won't be ready. you know, i mean, i think this is a-- look, there are a lot of big changes coming in american health care and i don't think it's going to go like any rollout of anything that happens in our lives, it isn't going to go perfect. there are going to be things we have to learn from and make better, but i think the premise of this is that the old health care system was unacceptable. costs were rising too fast. too many people uninsured, and we had to do something, the administration's put together serious perhaps complicated plan and it's going to be implemented and i think it's going to put more people into the system and it's started to slow costs, and hopefully accelerate innovation and bring the internet and high-tech to this world in a way it simply hasn't to this point. >> megyn: and the internet is a large part of the exchanges and one of the big questions, how are they-- for the states that says, you do it, fed.
11:39 am
the and the feds didn't budget it for 26 states and that it would be so nationalized and in a position they're going to have to. marc, i want to ask you, there's a report from adp, concerns about job losses, concerns that employers, now that it's you know, what is it the rubber is hitting the road, that the employers are really going to start cutting back on it, on jobs, potentially, because if you go over 50 employees now, it's going to cost you some money. >> that's exactly right. the new york times featured a story about this company in san diego called the bakery. and they have 95 employees, and they make about $200,000 a year in profit and so their options under obamacare, and i've got a handy chart here. >> megyn: i love the white board. >> if they pay the insurance, $108,000, equivalent of a 54% tax on their profits. if they pay the obamacare penalties, that's $130,000, the company that makes $200,000 a year, so, they pay
11:40 am
$130,000 equivalent of a 65% tax or they can layoff 40 to 50 employees, and just get off the obamacare radar screen. these are the choices that are-- first of all, how do we justify as a country putting a small business trying to create jobs in that situation in the first place? second of all, thousands of businesses across the country are facing this exact same problem. when they hire the 50th worker they all of a sudden have to pay a $40,000 penalty under obamacare if they don't provide insurance so a fast food joint usually makes an average profit of about $50,000, a $40,000 penalty like an 80% tax so we're just-- the point is we're supposed to be creating jobs and coming out of the worst recovery in american history and putting mandates on small businesses that are struggling to create jobs and making their lives more difficult. >> megyn: but, phil, obamacare supporters say it's chicken little stuff, the sky is falling, the sky is falling and the employers are not
11:41 am
going to layoff huge part of their work force because that's how you grow, added bodies. and the pro dixedictions and pee kicked out of their jobs will fall flat. >> i think the law is rife with reverse incentives and make a difference. the fast growing innovative companies. future that operate on relatively high margins or funded by venture capital and aren't worried about profitability yet, this is not going to be a big factor, but the small business like that bakery example or the people in the restaurant business or other franchises, they're going to see a limit to their growth and not going to open one more location or potentially considering closing a location because it affects the costs on the margin and other incentives, discourage marriage because the rest of your family can become ineligible for the credit and a lot of reverse incentives are by the obama administration officials. in the treasury department warned about reverse
11:42 am
incentives and trying to limit the overall cost of the bill or at least the apparent overall cost of the bill and so they put a lot of procedures in there. >> megyn: to me it's come down to the law is definitely going to help a lot of people who didn't have insurance and people who had pre-existing conditions and find out they have breast cancer and change employees and next thing you know, the cancer is not covered. it's going to help those people. but will it help the people who already had insurance or a worse spot. that's the mystery question about obamacare. how do you see it shaping out. >> keep in mind when we talk about small businesses. there are billions of small businesses including the one that i run, that provide health insurance now for their workers, so, they're doing, you know, those companies are doing fine, and there are plenty of successful small businesses that are doing the right thing and giving, and looking out for their employees and making sure that they and their families are healthy. i think that's the kind of businesses we want, right?
11:43 am
and the second thing, megyn, on the question about what's going to happen, you know, with everybody else. i will give you one thing i think will come out of this, good for everybody. which is we're going to have more labor and mobility. if you're, right now there are millions of employees all across the country who are stuck in a job, if they don't want to come out any longer or worried if they leave that job they're going to lose health insurance for their families. you're not going to have worry about that and it will help the entrepreneurship and bring older workers into smaller start on companies and it's going to have a huge impact, i think, in the ability of workers to have greater termination over their own career. i think that's a clear net benefit. so, i think we're all going to benefit. >> megyn: mark, the last word. you're going to have labor mobility out the door. i mean, look, the reality is, if you're a small business and you're-- you have 49 employees, and you want to hire the 50th employee, it's going to cost you a $12 an hour job will cost you $52 for the same job and you're not going to hire
11:44 am
the 50th employee. people planning to hire workers are not going to hire them. people who have workers right now are going to make them part-time. this is going to be a job killing machine and i'm glad simon thinks there will be mobility in the the work force. mobility will be more people in part-time jobs or out of work as a result of the mandates. >> megyn: we'll leave it on that happy note. thank you, thank you all very much. we appreciate seeing you all. >> thanks, megyn. >> megyn: well, coming up next, speaking of losing your job. kelly's court takes up a case of a single man fired for, quote, gross misconduct? what did she do, hurt somebody? no, she tried to sell her child's girl scout cookies. the thin mint throw-down is next. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory
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>> a verdict in a case we brought you earlier in kelly's court. a case in a grandma killing her grandson has been found guilty of second degree
11:48 am
murder. convicting sandra lane during the the first full day of deliberations. they did not buy her claim that she shot her teenage grandson six times in self-defense. that grandson jonathan hoffman implicating his grandmother before he died. and this boy's parents reacted to the verdict. >> it's a final vindication for my son to restore his good name and reputation. >>longer call her mother and-- >> i would prefer to call her a monster. >> megyn: and ms. lane faces at least 14 years in prison. and kelly's court for today is back in session. on the docket today, the cookie mom, cookie monster. a single mother is fired for trying to help her daughter sell girl scout cookies on the job. she brought samoas and
11:49 am
tag-alongs, to the eagle's nest convenience store on campus and told them sold them whoever asked for some. they handed her a termination letter claiming she conducted gross misconduct and booted her out after 28 years of service with no warning. >> it's crazy because i can't profit from selling girl scout cookies it's a volunteer thing for the girl scouts. i'm a cookie mom and i'm just trying to help my daughter earn her badges and her trips and stuff like that. >> megyn: and mark eiglarsh, a former prosecutor and now defense attorney. and tom is a former prosecutor and now defense attorney as well. pretty harsh, mark. >> yeah, yes, you want my response. >> megyn: no warnings, 28
11:50 am
years, no violations and let her do it for three years. yeah, no problem. now you're out. >> let me go to the statistics here. 175 million boxes of girl scout cookies are sold a year. annual sales, 656 million and one gal, jennifer sharp, 17, 328 boxes, she sold. why am i bringing these statistics up. ten seconds to win the debate. in d.c., it's an at-will state at the will of the employer and they can fire you for no reason as long as they don't discriminate. i'm done. >> megyn: tom? >> can i respond? the at-will employment, the law of the land. however, news flash, sometimes employers are firing people for discriminatory purposes don't come out and say we're firing someone for discriminatory purposes. what do we know about the woman? we know she's a female, right? we know she's a mom and we know she's a racial minority.
11:51 am
washington d.c. is an at-will state-- or at-will district, but some of the strictest employment discrimination laws in the land, more stricter than title vii and includes if a player takes action based on not just race, gender, so forth. familial, the fact that she's a mother, a discrimination lawyer and scratch the surface. >> megyn: this is where they will he' go, mark, because if they can prove-- she said she had he no warning. the company refuses to comment on it and finding themselves in the middle of this storm and that's the policy not to talk about employee matters. but she says she had no warning. if she could prove she did it for three years and never had problem before, how does it not hurt the company's case and help her. >> let me respond this way. samoas thin mints, very easy to swallow. tom's argument, not so much. do you understand, this is a
11:52 am
deli. they sell items, food items, so you have people looking in the kind of window and hmm, three day old pound cake or my goodness, peanut butter cookies. interfering with the sales. >> megyn: is it her fault to compete. >> if she sold these in private that'd be othing, but you can't do it openly, clearly against policy, she doesn't have a-- >> the thing, tom, the girl scouts, council of the nation's capital says they're a girl-led entrepreneurial program and we want the girls to take the lead. and they don't seem to be backing this cookie mom. >> that's a separate argument. i agree with that aspect of it, the whole idea behind the fundraisers is the kids go out. >> megyn: and jennifer who sold the 17,000 boxes had no help from anyone? (laughter) one point here, there's something called a warning. i warn my employees if they're messing up, i don't want to trash my employees, but there's a warning process. the woman has been there for
11:53 am
28 years, doing something that's as american as apple pie, selling girl scout cookies. okay, maybe she shouldn't be peddling to the customers of food service. >> megyn: they didn't give her that courtesy and tell you this. the next time you think about selling cookies at your place of employment. think again. we'll be right back. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! exciting and would always come max and pto my rescue.ookstore but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
>> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> megyn: we've all heard the famous words from neil armstrong as he steps on to the moon. now, nasa is trying to figure out whether e-commerce hotshot who decided to try a hand at
11:57 am
exploration has uncovered part of the apollo mission. >> they've been sitting 14,000 feet below the surface in the blackness of the atlantic and today they're back finally from where they came, cape canaveral, florida. the actual saturn 5 engine that sent americans to the moon have been found. and bezos plucked them up from the ocean floor. the billionaire founder of is a serious space enthusiast and they worked tirelessly, we found so much, we've seen an underwater wonderland. and tells the story of a fiery and violent end, one that serves testament to the apollo
11:58 am
progr program. the massive saturn 5 rocket powered the apollo mission, including the apollo 11 mission that was a giant step for mankind and nasa launched seven missions in the late '60s, early '70s, and f-1 brought the parts back it it cape canaveral and eventually in museums for everyone excite abouted this to see in person. and charles bolden congratulated the bezos team for the discovery. >> megyn: phil, thanks. we'll be right back. ♪
11:59 am
♪ i don't want any trouble. i don't want any trouble either. ♪ [ engine turns over ] you know you forgot to take your mask off, right? [ siren wailing in distance ]

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